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Voltage Converters and Transformers and Surge Protectors

A Voltage Converter (which is sometimes referred to as a Power Converter or Power Transformer) is a device that can "convert" or "change" the Voltage from one type to another 110 to 220 volt or 220 to 110 volt.

A Stabilizer (sometimes referred to as a Regulator) is a device that allows you to obtain a constant setting of Voltage despite any incoming fluctuations of power. which makes it perfect for many countries that experience frequent power spikes.

A Step-Down Converter (also called a One-Way Converter) can only operate in a 220 Voltage country.

A Step Up & Down Converter (also called a Two-Way Converter) can operate worldwide in any country because it can run on both 110 & 220 Voltages.

Travel-Sized Voltage Converters are small, light-duty power converters that are light and easy to carry in luggage.

Power Generators can give you power even if there is a blackout occurring in your neighborhood, which makes them perfect for a source of backup power.

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AC-DC Power Adapters
All Battery Eliminators and Power Supply Adapters
Power Generators (220 Volt)
All 220-240 Voltage Gasoline Powered Emergency Electricity Generators
Step Down One-Way Converters
From Foreign 220-240 Voltage down to American 110-120 Voltage for use Overseas
Step Up & Step Down Two-Way Converters
From American 110-120 Voltage to Foreign 220-240 Voltage and vice-versa
Surge Protectors & Power Strips (220 Voltage)
All 220-240 Volt Surge Protectors and Power Strips
Travel Size Voltage Converters
All Small, Lightweight and Light-Duty Voltage Converters
UPS Power Backups & Battery Backup Power Supplies
All 220-240 Voltage UPS Battery Backup Power Systems 220 Volts
Voltage Stabilizers with Built-In Converters
All 2-In-1 Converters with Power Stabilizers Built-In

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Products 121-132 of 154