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Hair & Bath Appliances

These hair appliances are perfect for anyone who is looking for a product they can take with them on their travels worldwide, no matter which country they travel to.

Some of these hair appliances may be labeled "220-240 Voltage only", which means they will only work in Foreign Countries overseas and not here in the USA. While other hair appliances that we carry are labeled as being "110-220", which means they will work both here in the USA and in Foreign Countries overseas as well.

Our customers find that it is easier and less worrisome to purchase these Travel-Ready hair appliances rather than to purchase a bulky Power Converter for their American hair appliances. These Travel-Ready hair appliances eliminate the need to purchase a Power Converter, although regional Plug Adapters will be needed since nearly every country has its own style of wall outlet. We carry nearly every major brand name: Braun, Conair, Panasonic, Vidal Sassoon, Hitachi, Black & Decker, and more!


Curling Irons & Curlers
All 220-240v & 100-240v Hair Curling Irons
Dryers & Hair Blowers
All 220-240v & 100-240v Hair Dryers
Flat Irons & Straighteners
All 220-240v & 100-240v Hair Straighteners
Hair Clippers & Hair Trimmers
All 220-240v & 100-240v Hair Clippers & Trimmers
Shavers - Epilators & Beard Shavers
All Beard Shavers and Body Hair Epilators
Toothbrushes - Electric
All 220-240 Voltage Portable Electric Toothbrushes and Sets

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Products 1-12 of 71