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If you put a disc into your DVD or Blu-Ray Player and see a message along the lines of "Incorrect Region" or "Check Region Code", then you could use one of our Region-Free DVD Players or Code-Free Blu-Ray Players. The DVD and Blu-Ray Players that you purchase from your local electronic stores, such as Best Buy, will not be able to play Foreign discs from other countries across the world. In order to be able to play discs from other countries, you need to have a "Region-Free" or "Code-Free" DVD Player. The benefits of having this type of player is that you can watch all films, no matter which language they are in or which country they are from.

For example, with a Region-Free DVD Player, you could purchase a DVD from France and watch it here in the USA. Another example: if you purchase a Code-Free Blu-Ray player that is also Region-Free, you could watch that DVD from France as well as all Blu-Ray movies from France and any other country too. These players are usually purchased because people either cannot find an American version of the DVD or Blu-Ray that they want to watch, or because of the convenience that film lovers get by not having to worry about Region Codes and Zone Codes.

We carry a wide selection of Region-Free DVD Players and also a wide selection of Code-Free Blu-Ray DVD Players from all major brands. All our players play both PAL or NTSC format discs and most of them are 110-220 volts for worldwide use.

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Sony BDP-S1700 Region Free Bluray DVD Player
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