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All "3D" Multisystem TVs

The term "3D" refers to something being "Three Dimensional". This is the newest technology that people are raving about because it allows the viewer to feel as if the action is happening right around them in the real world, instead of just on the TV screen. The surprising part is that our eyes see the world in only 2D, "Two Dimensions". In the real world, both of our eyes do not see the same thing; one eye sees one thing, the other eye sees the same thing but at a slightly different angle. This is, of course, due to the way the human face is structured, having both eyes be a relatively small distance apart.

So, once each of your eyes gives their particular picture of the world to your brain, a sort of "3D" picture is made by your brain by combining both of the individual eyes' pictures into an entirely new picture, this is the one you see. 3D Televisions are able to give you the same sensation by either supplying special Wearable Glasses that do the same work for you, or by embedding new viewing technology within the TV itself, which would eliminate the need for Glasses. In order to view 3D programming, you would need to turn to the appropriate 3D Channels on your Cable box or Satellite box such as ESPN3D. If you wish to view 3D Discs, you would need a "3D Blu-Ray Player", which we also carry. If you are interested in the full 3D Home experience, click on the "DVD Players & Blu-Ray Players" link on the left side of this page, then click the "Blu-Ray DVD Players" link and you'll be able to see the 3D DVD Players that we carry.

These TVs are all Dual Voltage, which means they can work in any country worldwide with the appropriate plug adapter. Also, these TVs are Multi-System TVs, which means they can play both the Foreign "PAL" Video Signal as well as the American "NTSC" Video Signal. Please note that if you wish to use these TVs here in the USA to watch American programming, you will need to have a Cable Receiver Box or Satellite Receiver Box from your local Service Provider and connect it through the RCA or HDMI port, not the Coaxial Antenna port. In the USA, you will not be able to connect an Antenna into these TVs; you can do that only if you are in a foreign country overseas. These TV's come in many sizes and we usually have nearly every size available, so if you do not see a size you are interested in, just call or email us and we will be able to find it for you.