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Welcome to a unique section of our website! 

This section is dedicated to offering you bargain-priced products that have been returned to us by Customers for a variety of reasons. There are many instances when we receive products back from Customers and quite often those products end up no longer being in Brand New condition; therefore, we offer them to you here as Final Sale "AS-IS" deals. These products cannot be returned to us any longer, so every sale of any product in this category is a Final Sale with No Returns Given. 

We do our best to make sure that we accurately describe every detail and every flaw of all the items listed here. If you have any questions about any of these products, please call or email us with the Model Number and we will do our best to assist you.

These products are either cosmetically flawed, missing accessories, both, or no longer in Brand New condition. These products will have issues that prevent them from being sold as Brand New, please keep this in mind when purchasing. We may or may not have the Brand New version of these products elsewhere on our website, but cannot guarantee that; sometimes products can get Discontinued by the manufacturer for no reason and no replacement models are ever made. 

Please read the descriptions of these products very carefully because they will state what is wrong with the product or what accessories are missing. Most of these products were made specifically to operate on 220-240 Foreign Overseas Voltage, which means most of them will not work here in the USA (unless specifically stated otherwise in the product's description). We cannot know if the 220-240 Volt Products are functional because here in the USA we only have 110-120 Voltage, so we do not have any way to confirm whether they do or do not power-on. 

Please keep all of these points in mind prior to purchasing; We will not take back any of the products listed here.