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Countertop Kitchen Appliances

Every product we sell is made to be used specifically in foreign countries overseas, unless otherwise labeled inside the advertisement itself. If you are looking for small appliances to use in your new home overseas, we will certainly have the right products for you. We carry everything for your kitchen such as Blenders, Mixers, Choppers, Food Processors, Meat Grinders, Juicers, Rice Cookers, Coffee Makers, Teapots, Griddles, Waffle Makers, Coffee Grinders, and much more!

220 Volts Blenders
220-240 Volt Blenders
Bread Makers
220-240 Volt Bread Makers for Export
Can Openers
220-240 Volt Electric Can Openers
Coffee Makers
220-240 Volt Coffee Makers (FOR EXPORT)
Coffee Mill Grinders
220-240 Volt Coffee Mills & Bean Grinders
Crockpots & Slow Cookers
220-240 Crock Pots and Slow Cookers (FOR OVERSEAS)
Deep Fryers
220-240 Volt Deep Fryers and Fry Cookers
Espresso & Cappuccino Makers
220-240 Volt Espresso Makers & Cappuccino Makers
Food Choppers & Processors
220-240 Volt Mini Choppers & Kitchen Food Prep Machines
Grills & Griddles
220-240 Volt Portable Electric Grills & Griddles
Hand Mixers & Egg Beaters
220-240 Volt Egg Beaters & Small Hand Mixers
Hot Plates & Electric Burners
220-240 Portable Electric Hot Plates & Burners
Ice Cream Makers
220-240 Volt Homemade Ice Cream Makers
Juicers & Juice Extractors
220-240 Volt Electric Juicers & Juice Extracting Machines
Kettles - Electric & Cordless
220-240 Volt Electric Water Kettles (NOT FOR USA)
Knife - Electric Carving Knives
All 220-240 Volt Carving Knives
Meat Grinders & Mincers
220-240 Volt Electric Meat Grinders & Mincers
Panini Makers
All 220-240 Volt Panini Sandwich Makers
Popcorn Makers
220-240 Volt Homemade Popcorn Poppers
Rice Cookers & Steamers
220-240 Volt Vegetable Steamers & Rice Cookers
Sandwich Makers
220-240 Volt Sandwich & Panini Makers
Stand Mixers
220-240 Volt Mixers with Bowls & Stand Mixers
Toaster Ovens
220-240 Volt Large Toaster Ovens
220-240 Volt 2-Slice & 4-Slice Toasters
Tortilla & Flatbread Makers
220-240 Volt Tortilla Makers, Roti Makers & Flat Bread Makers
Waffle Makers
220-240 Volt Waffle Makers

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Products 1-12 of 207
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Products 1-12 of 207