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There are three major types of Video Systems used around the world today: NTSC, PAL, SECAM. Here in the USA, we use the NTSC Video Signal. The main problem with these Video Systems is that they are exclusive and non-compatible with each other; you cannot play a video made in the NTSC signal on a DVD player or VCR that was made in a foreign country overseas. Likewise, you cannot watch a PAL Tape or DVD on an American DVD Player or VCR. This is why we offer a Video Conversion service!

Video Conversion Service

Our professional Video Conversion service is the best option for people in a variety of different situations, such as:
-Anyone who has a few, or many, old VHS tapes lying around and wishes to view them on their DVD Player
-Anyone who has a homemade DVD and wishes to make a copy to send to friends and family
-Anyone who has a few, or many, old MiniDV cassettes and wishes to turn them into DVDs
-Anyone who has bought a foreign DVD or VHS tape from another country and wishes to view it on their current American DVD Player
-Anyone who wants to view old homemade VHS tapes on their DVD Player
-Anyone who has an American DVD and wishes to convert it to PAL format and send it overseas to friends and family

We convert all types of Cassette Tapes and DVDs!

Since there are many types of cassettes, we want you to know that we are able to work with all of these types shown here. Some older model Video Camcorders used to work only with Hi8 Tapes while others accepted only MiniDV or VHS-C, but don't worry, we can still convert them to a DVD for you!


DVD to DVD PAL < - > NTSC $16.99 Each
VHS to VHS (Max 3 Hours) PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $14.99 Each
VHS to DVD (Max 3 Hours) PAL < - > NTSC $14.99 Each
DVD to VHS (Max 3 Hours) PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $14.99 Each
MiniDV to DVD PAL < - > NTSC $17.99 Each
MiniDV to VHS PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $14.99 Each
8MM/Hi8 to VHS PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $12.99 Each
8MM/Hi8 to DVD PAL < - > NTSC $17.99 Each
8MM/Hi8 to MiniDV PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $19.99 Each
VHS-C to VHS PAL < - > NTSC < - > SECAM $14.99 Each
VHS-C to DVD PAL < - > NTSC $14.99 Each

Ordering Information

If you would like to place an order for us to convert your Tapes or DVDs, please mail them to us with the following information included inside the box of your tapes or dvds:
-Your Name
-Your Return Address
-Your Phone Number
-Your Email Address (optional, not required)

Each additional Copy of a Tape or DVD is $5.

***Please include in your note what you want us to do (VHS to DVD, or DVD to VHS, etc), and how many copies of each you would like.

Our Mailing Address is as follows:

220Stores Conversion Department
1252 Remington Road

Suite # A
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Payment & Shipping Options

We accept all forms of payment including Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Cash (in-store only). We can also call you and take your Credit Card information over the phone if you'd like to avoid putting your payment in the shipping box.

Delivery and Conversion Times: The Normal Conversion time for 1 VHS or 1 DVD is exactly the length of video being converted. In other words, if you have a Tape or DVD which is 3 Hours long, then it will take 3 Hours to convert.

We ship back all conversions by standard USPS Priority Mail Service, unless otherwise requested specifically from the Customer. The USPS Priority Mail service delivers to all US Addresses within 3 Business Days.

We also have all Expedited Rush Delivery methods available including USPS Express Mail, UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Delivery, UPS 2-Day Delivery, UPS 1-Day Delivery, UPS Saturday Delivery (extra charges apply), UPS Next Day AM Delivery (extra charges apply). Please contact us or state in your included note if you would like a Rush Delivery method instead.

For Questions or Multiple-Quantity Inquiries, Contact us:

Phone: 1-847-519-1201 (Inside the U.S.)
Phone: 1-877-443-1212 (Toll-Free)
Email Address:
Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm Central Standard Time